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More often than not, toys and games are marketed to meet the needs of the parents, not the children. Parents want to buy products that develop their children's learning potential while simultaneously providing entertainment. However, the most obvious toys are often overlooked the as parents believe that regular toys aren't enough to stimulate creative learning. Contrary to popular belief, todays astrophysicists played with the same Lincoln Logs and Play-Doh as any adult alive today. Below you will find educational toys that have stood the test of time, as well as those developed specifically for kids with a higher mental caliber. Both types of toys are combined into five categories: science, math, language skills, art, and critical thinking. Keep in mind, obligating your child to play with toys he or she does not like will not turn them into a genius. But it could cause them to distrust your taste in toys.


Tinker Toys
Tinker Toys promote an early interest in engineering.

Lincoln Logs
These classic building toys promote hand-eye coordination and develop a child's interest in construction.

Another classic toy promoting interest in construction, engineering, and hand-eye coordination.

Building Blocks
Building blocks encourage children to use their imagination. These toys promote hand-eye coordination and construction.

Dominoes are a versatile toy – children can stack, build, set up in a pattern to knock over, or of course play an actual game! These toys promote curiosity, an early understanding of cause-and-effect, and can encourage development of counting and number skills.

Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines
With this advanced toy, children can design their own motorized vehicles or machines with wireless controls. Recommended for kids 8-14 years of age, this set promotes interest in engineering and robotics.

Home Science Kits
These kits promote interest in fields ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and environmental science.

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Playing Cards
grouping by order of card value and problem solving

spacial reasoning and problem solving

problem solving, counting, number pairing

encourages use of basic math and problem solving

encourages basic math skills in addition and subtraction, number order, and counting number sets

Head Full of Numbers

Math Dice Jr.

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Language Skills

Outburst Jr.
builds vocabulary and word association

promotes knowledge of grammar and parts of speech

Alphabet Blocks
promotes early literacy and letter recognition

increases vocabulary, word usage, literacy and spelling

Synonyms: The Game that Gets Your Mind Racing

Sentence Building

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builds hand-eye coordination and promotes creative design

Play-Doh or modeling clay
encourages creativity and imaginative play

Mr. Potato Head
uses hand-eye coordination for imaginative play

encourages creative expression and practical communication through drawing

Modern Artists: Go Fish for Art

Button Art: for little hands

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Critical Thinking

builds spacial reasoning and thinking skills

builds spacial reasoning and thinking skills

Video games
build hand-eye coordinator, require quick decision making, focus on order and logical progression

The Game of Life
provides a creative opportunity to experience real world problems and rewards for planning ahead.

Candy Land
- from, "Candy Land encourages socialization in playing with others, patience in waiting for one's turn, and practice in recognizing colors, learning rules, and following directions"

Brain Quest

Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game

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