What is Giftedness?

According to a 2008 article by Psychology Today, "giftedness is only a label." Well, if it is merely a label, why does it receive so much meticulous research and investigation? I agree that the term, giftedness, is indeed a label. But it is not just a label. We organize thoughts and ideas into schemas and give them names in an attempt to define the world around us. What do the following labels mean to you: Democrat, Native American, passive aggressive, obese, intellectual, working class, white collar crime? Obviously, labels have personal significance to us and giftedness is one such example.

Being gifted typically means possessing a very exceptional level of intelligence. While this type of intellect is not the majority, it a common occurrence. Statistically speaking, 1 out of every 50 people in the world will have an IQ between 130 and 135, or the 98th percentile. While this is fascinating, there are challenges whenever one deviates far from the norm. If a student deviates low they will receive special education opportunities. Thusly, it can be concluded that those that deviate high should also receive education opportunities that help them optimize their potential. While significant attention is given at the elementary level, middle school, and high school students receive less with each passing year.

There exist many myths and stereotypes regarding those with superb intellectual ability. Therefore, it is the goal of this site to educate, inform, advocate, and inspire others to do the same. No one should be ashamed of inborn talents and abilities and neither should anyone with a high IQ score, especially when that person is a child who still needs loving parental care.

Citation: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/beautiful-minds/200805/what-is-giftedness