Intellectual Discrimination

Before I even start this post, I would like to say that many years ago I, yes I, predicted that America would swing back into an era in which being intelligent will be greatly valued. Now, I can see the beginnings of that societal trend taking place.

At some point between 1970 and the current era, being “too smart” was a bad thing. In public education, the main focus was placed onto bringing the struggling students up to pace, while the academically gifted students were taught to be fine on their own. The gradual neglect of the academically gifted students led to the formation of a plethora of charter schools across the country. Some charter schools boast a classical education model while other charter cater to only those students whose IQ scores are in the top 99% percentile.

Subsequently, this has led to an ever growing decrease in performance at the traditional public school level. Is it not obvious to anyone but myself that if the all of the “super smarties” are removed from a school the test scores are going to go down?

In the 1960’s, when the nation was still adjusting to the 1954 verdict of Brown vs. the Board of Education, there occurred something called white flight in which the white people left the cities and headed for the suburbs in an effort to avoid their children attending the same schools as the black children. Today, racism is an issue that has progressively become less severe, but the issue of prejudice is still a hard one to dismantle. Instead of white flight and the struggle for racial equality, what I am seeing today is a prejudice against the working class by the middle and upper class that has resulted in a struggle for intellectual superiority.

The “racism” of the future will be divided by socio-economic status; however, I sincerely hope I am wrong.