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Is your child gifted? Do you need new ideas to help your child succeed? Is your child bored in school yet seems to be a walking encyclopedia on topics of interest? Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or counselor, the goal of this site is to help you connect with the resources and information you need to help your child or student actualize his or her extraordinary potential. From games and toys to specialized schools and parental advocacy, is the go-to source for all of these and much more.

Dr. Frank Lewlis, Supervisory Psychologist for American Mensa, spoke with CBS news reporter Lesley Stahl during an interview in 2008. Regarding intelligence, he said, “Anytime you deviate from the norm you have challenges. If you deviate low you have challenges. If you deviate high you have challenges.” The first goal of our website is to provide you with resources to help you identify your child’s challenges. In addition, you will find resources to help your child overcome those challenges.

Unfortunately, one of those challenges is the miseducation of gifted students in public and private schools across the United States. Allow me to explain.

Race horses are capable of running much faster than walking speed. Likewise, sports cars can reach velocities that greatly exceed that of regular cars. For example, the average speed of a Ford Taurus is around 240 horsepower. However, a Ferrari LaFerrari gas-electric hybrid dons a 6.3L V-12 engine with 949 horsepower.

Therefore, a race horse performing at walking speed is no faster than a regular horse, a Ferrari LaFerrari is just as good as a Ford Taurus when both are traveling at 55mph, and a student with an IQ of 145 cannot perform at his true capacity when made to do the same work, step by step, as regular education students with IQ scores around 100. While some teachers will give their gifted students more worksheets, more assignments, and more things to do, this is no more productive than a race horse walking 10 extra miles as the other horses.

The second goal of our website is to disband myths about gifted children and improve the way in which they are educated in schools. However, neither of these goals are attainable without your participation. All of the information you will find on our website is free. What you do with the information is your choice. We will never progress unless each individual decides to do so. Together, we can make positive changes that last.

— John M. Tiller, M.A.